Penetrating Light: Generates burning light that deals #{avg_damage}#{detail_spell_damage} Magic Damage for up to 20m. Silences enemies for #{buff_duration}. |cFFFF9C27Lerman's Brightness|r: increases Magic Attack +|cFFFF9C2796|r and Short-range and Magic skill damage +|cFFFF9C271.8%|r.

Forged with ancient technology and magic, this weapon is rumored to change its shape to match its user's proficiencies. Currently a sword, it was most feared in ancient times when in the form of a spear.

Strength +33
Stamina +17
Item ID 26516
Damage 186.2 (127 ~ 167)
Category Shortspear
Required level 50 - 55
Enhancement Item can be enhancement
Sell price 14