Our database have the possibility of using tooltips.
To do this, place the reference to the object from our database in your text (articles, guides, messages, etc) and it is transformed into the beautiful link with pop-up window.

For example:
Adventurer's Refined Hereafter Stone

I want it! How to install?

Paste this code before the tag </head> on your page

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script> Archebox.options = { realnames: true, itemicons: true, itemgrades: true } </script>
Done! Now tooltips will work!

Options: (true - turn on, false - turn off, if the option is not specified - it will be off)
realnames - link take the form of the item name
itemicons - icon placed near link
itemgrades - link acquire color depending of the item grade